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What do you read?

Question asked by Paul McCrorey on Mar 10, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2009 by 1-D88IXC

I know there is some mad talent on these forums with regard to photorealistic rendering / animation. I am relatively new to this world - although I have been very fortunate to learn tons from Rob Rodriguez and, through his rendering contest, have had the opportunity to learn from others work...(Shaodun Lin - that Fender Strat freakin' rocked)

{If you are reading this message and don't know who Rob is - see his website - }

So my question(s)...

- What mags do you read (online/print)?
- Where do you go for inspiration (websites, etc.)
- How do you push your skills to the next level?

I am not really talking about your basic how to stuff...although that is excellent as well...I am talking about what have you read that has really helped you take your rendering to the next level. What is it that keeps you up to date with the industry, etc.

For example...I currently reading "Digital Lighting and Rendering" by Jeremy Birn. It is excellent. I have read my signed copy of the Photoworks Step-by-step guide and it was great as well.

Thanks - look forward to hearing...