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How can I mirror these weldments

Question asked by Kyle Roberts on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by Frederick Law

Attatched is a file for a table I am designing. Im not sure if this post is in the correct place or if it is a dumb question as I am a mechanical engineering freshman and this is all very new. Attatched is a part im working on. It is going to be a kitchen counter height table after assembly. The part in this file will be the top part of the tables stand that a sheet of glass would go on top of making the table. I want to mirror this design about 34 inches away (which is why i have a plane 14 inches away from it) and then go add in some legs to connect the two.


Bonus question haha: How could I then make the mirror of this part a smaller size about the center of it before connecting the two mirrored parts