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PDM Add-in Does not show value on realtime

Question asked by Ufuk Taskin on Oct 21, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by Ufuk Taskin

I made add-in that works when it presses the button on the card. But i have a problem.

I write the values in winform with "setvar" command, but I cannot see them in realtime.

I have to refresh the explorer.

                    IEdmEnumeratorVariable10 enumVariable = default(IEdmEnumeratorVariable10);
                    enumVariable = (IEdmEnumeratorVariable10)File.GetEnumeratorVariable();
                    string degiskenler = poCmd.mbsComment.Substring(5, poCmd.mbsComment.Length - 5);
                    string[] listeler = degiskenler.Split('|');
                    enumVariable.SetVar(listeler[1], "", Musterilerim);

                    int FolderID = 0;
                    FolderID = ((EdmCmdData)ppoData.GetValue(0)).mlObjectID2;
                    enumVariable.StoreValuesFromDatabase(FolderID,true,null); // I don't know exactly how it is used.