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How to get the number of any picked component in eDrawings

Question asked by Hengkui Ran on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by Eric Hasan

Hello fellows, now we have a good chance to deploy eDrawings with SolidWorks EPDM on an automotive manufacturing company, more than 300 end users.


The project goal is to help the workshop worker find the right technical documents quickly based on the 3d SolidWorks assembly on each manufacturing station computer. Currently, the workshop worker needs a lot of labor work to find out the corresponding documents.


Technically, we plan the solution as:


1. The customer gets SolidWorks design data from its design outsourcing, as well as technical documents, and then checks the 3d/2d SolidWorks data and documents into EPDM. This step calls data storaging.


2. Then the data preparing  team associates technical documents with 3d models, that means building up relationship. and release the data.


3. The above steps are data preparing. After that, each station in the workshop gets the needed 3d assembly from EPDM and opens it in eDrawings, picks the 3d component from the eDrawings graphical area to get the right associated documents.  ON THIS POINT, we plan to customize eDrawings to get: each component click on eDrawings assembly will automatically pops up the associated documents list that stored in the EPDM.


Problem: we did quick a lot of technical search on eDrawing customization and its API, but now the obstacle is we cannot get the number (or name) of the selected component in eDrawing graphical area. No API found to support this special function.


Any help will be greatly appreciated, if you have better solution instead of eDrawings customization, please let me know.