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How to pattern text and wrap it around an oddly shaped oval?

Question asked by Mickey Meijers on Oct 20, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by Tony Tieuli

Hi there, i am trying to pattern a text around an oddly shaped oval, just the same text over and over.

Either the wrap tool tells me that there are no contours it can use from the sketch or that the center of the sketch must be projected onto the selection.


Since its a text, im fairly sure there are plenty contours to play around with.

Since i now try to pattern the sketch manually 42 times (placing text, placing it in the middle of my guide curves and adjusting text size 42 times....) Why is it crying for a center of my sketch. Hell i dont even know what the center of my sketch is anymore after 42 guide curves that are all at an angle. Besides, the main centerline i added all my guide curves onto for my text IS in the middle of my part.

When i started i thought that it would take no longer than a minute. Im now 4 hours further, its 2 am...

Why cant i just select the contours of my part and tell SW to just pattern it along those lines, i tried every type of pattern tool there is at least 4 times now.

Why cant the fill pattern be across multiple faces?

Why cant i just pattern text?


Why must everything in SW be so over complicated? Im not even sure this topic is in the right forum group.

Im fairly irritated by the fact that the software dictates my design, its like playing with that slow friend we all had in kindergarten who just couldnt cope with the rest of the classmates and would get angry every time someone wore a yellow t-shirt or saw a pigeon sitting on his favorite tree.


So does anyone have any advice for a near homicidal fellow human who wants to make something nice for a friend? Or should i just install Fusion360 for features like these?


Thank you in advance!


P.S sorry if i come across as negative, had a long day.