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Parts faces glitch in assembly - disappears when enabling 'perspective' or opening part alone

Question asked by Jhonny Boby on Oct 21, 2018

Hello y'all!

I've been working on an assembly for a while, and some times ago, at some point, the graphics all of a sudden became all glitched :




I can't remember any specific or action or function I could have done just before it happened, and none of my other files nor assemblies (smallers or much bigger) are showing this issue. Although, when I open each part alone (even from the assembly : right-click on part > open part), they display perfectly well.


The only thing I've found on the web related to this issue, and showing the same graphical glitch, is this archived reddit post:


And indeed, for some magical unknown reason, when I switch into perspective the glitch problems disappear and all parts are rendered perfectly well, as normal. So it seems to be a problem within the assembly file, but I haven't been able to troubleshoot anything :

  • I had display driver and solidworks crashes at the same time at some point, when hiding quickly several parts in a row to see if one in particular was responsible for the glitches.
  • I deleted parts, rebuilt again an again, tweaked graphic options but nothing seems to help or reveal origin of issue.
  • I've made a complete 'pack & go' of the assembly, problem still present in the new assy file.
  • I've deleted all parts one by one and created a new part in the file : the new part shows the same graphical glitches as the others did.

Of course, I would like to avoid having to work in perspective mode so... Has anyone ever encountered such issue and was able to solve it ? Or has any idea ?