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nonlinear dynamic study of wire straightener

Question asked by Sander T. on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Mohamed El Orche


I'm new here, currently in my last year of mechanical engineering study. I'm still learning SolidWorks so this might be a stupid question but I cant find any answers or examples on the internet.

I'm trying to do a non-linear dynamic analysis of a wire straightener to see how the wire will deform. The goal is to do this with a wire that has a initial curve and pull it through the wire straightener to see if the calculated straightener bearings dimensions and settings will straighten the wire. I'm trying to do this in 2D with a straight wire first, to see if I can make it go through the straightener.

Im having some trouble with this. If I give the rod a velocity it will just bounce off the first bearing it hits.


Untitled 2.png

Here I'm giving the rod a velocity, than it just bounces back of the first bearing.



Untitled 1.png

Here i'm giving the entire rod a displacement, it just stays hanging on the first roll (either giving the edge a displacement or the hole rod doesn't matter)


Does anybody have any tips or suggestions on how to do this.