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    Change Variable During Add File

    Ben Hagler
      When I drag and drop a document (.pdf) into the vault I would like to have a pop-up that allows me to fill in several variables about that document.

      I was able to write a .exe with VB.net that was executed with dispatch during a file add that would allow me to change variables but I had to manually type in the filename. Is there a way for VB.net to read a dispatch variable (%current file%) or a better way to do this?

        • Change Variable During Add File
          Michael Dekoning
          Assuming you are using Shell Execute to run your VB.net program in Dispatch, insert the variable %PathToSelectedFile% in the Parameters textbox.

          Change your VB.Net program to get the filename from the command line argument.

          Dim filename as string = My.Application.CommandLineArgs(0)
          • Change Variable During Add File
            Christina Seay
            Another thing you could look at doing is taking advantage of your workflow to do this. I did that on our workflow.. I've got a Pre-Development state on the workflow with an automatic transition to In Development on our files. That automatic transition sets variables on the data cards. It's pretty simple to set it up that way.