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Balloons are offset from part about 1/2". Any help on correcting this?

Question asked by Keith Esser on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2019 by Chuck Witt

I've done an exploded view and have a configuration in this assembly. I started adding balloons to the drawing and found the balloons register about 1/2" off the actual part. anyone else ever see this? Is there a fix for this?


I think I got it figured out. I had created a "custom view" prior to exploding my assembly. I used that "custom view" in my drawing. Apparently the system does not like this. I started over and used the "standard isometric view" as the position to start exploding my assembly. In doing this the balloons attached correctly.

I've had this happen once before. Both times on extremely large assemblies. I'm limited to a 'B' size drawing. On certain assemblies I don't like using the standard iso view. I create a custom view for exploding assemblies and go with that. Usually everything is fine. However, this is twice now I've had problems using a user defined or "custom" view in an exploded assembly drawing.


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