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trying to get a macro button to remove two approval notes off my prints

Question asked by Michael Flanders on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Scott Stuart

Hey guys, for the life of me I cannot get a macro to record the removal of the same two notes from my prints. I use a macro to grab them from my design library and place them where I want but I want to do the same thing only remove them.


I have a series of macros that I click to add "approval notes", "dual dimension sheet", "save an approval copy as PDF" in a certain folder, "undo dual dimensions on sheet",   "-----------------------"save as PDF on our network location" then a "single button print"


the "---------------------" is the button I want to click to remove the notes that I applied at the start of this sequence.



Eventually I'd like to combine all these to be a one click to do this whole sequence but i'll look into that later.

macro sequence.JPG