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The Myth of the Workflow Excuse

Discussion created by Dan Golthing on Oct 19, 2018
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When anyone complains about SolidWorks stability, the forum wolfs come out and attack that individual...


"It's probably your workflow, you're probably doing something wrong..."


Admittedly there are better and worse ways of doing things.


Yet, this excuse displays ignorance.


First, the program crashes too much, workflow or not.  This has always been a problem, and sadly, appears it will probably always be a problem.  We all know that SolidWorks can crash on the simplest problem, under the simplest of situations.  This has nothing to do with workflow and simply should not be.  You could have one part open with only a few features and crash.  You can have ten thousand parts open and not crash.  It's very random.


If the program gets into a bad situation...IT SHOULD NOT CRASH, IT SHOULD ALLOW YOU TO BACK UP A STEP and take a different path.  I'm just fantasizing here, but I would assume that software this sophisticated should be able to recognize when it is unable to complete an instruction and should be able to retrace it's steps to the last stable condition. 


Second, the "workflow Nazis" typically aren't people that interact with large groups of SolidWorks users on a professional level.  MY WORKFLOW ISN'T ALWAYS MY WORKFLOW.  As most of you know, many of us inherit other people's mess.  And I still insist, even if I'm dealing with somebody else's mess, the program shouldn't crash.  Sure, maybe rebuild times go up and so on, but why should the program crash?


I'm concerned that some of the fanboys here are victims of Stockholm Syndrome.  You feel that it's not OK to criticize SolidWorks, yet it's OK for you to criticize your fellow users?  That doesn't seem ironic to you?


Pointing out SolidWorks flaws is not an act of hate.  It's an act of compassion.  Some of us actually want SolidWorks to take back the innovative lead in the industry and not just sit back on their laurels spending our money.  I'm assuming SolidWorks wants to stay in business and not turn into the next AutoCAD.  Continuous improvement is necessary for their survival, and negative feedback is essential for improvement.


Some of us pay for our own software and insist we get the most out of our money.  Each rollout is filled with bugs so that we can't even us it for six months.  Impressive new features are few and far between.  Here are the "Top Enhancements" for 2019 found in the what's new document:



Assemblies • Bounding Box in Assemblies on page 37 • Create Custom and Configuration-specific Properties in Treehouse on page 61 • Defeature PropertyManager - Silhouette on page 40 • Exploded Views on page 43 • External References on page 43 • Use Custom Property for Document Name in Treehouse on page 64 • Saving an Assembly as a Part on page 57


Detailing and Drawings • Changing Cell Border Thickness on page 86 • Drawing Open Progress Indicator on page 80


eDrawings • Configurations in SOLIDWORKS Parts on page 91 • eDrawings Professional Features on page 92 • Configurations in SOLIDWORKS Assemblies on page 91 SOLIDWORKS


3D Interconnect • Exporting to the Revit Family Format on page 104 • Reading Tessellation Data from Foreign CAD Files on page 104


SOLIDWORKS MBD • Support for Sheet Metal in MBD on page 126


Model Display • Creating 3D Textures on page 131


Parts and Features • Creating Partial Chamfers and Fillets on page 136 • Inserting a Part with a Specific Configuration on page 139 • Specifying Tolerances for Hole Wizard Holes on page 143 • Using Interference Detection for Multibody Parts on page 145


Routing • Creating Fixed Length Coverings on page 171


Sheet Metal • Linking Materials and Sheet Metal Parameters on page 180


Sketching • Geodesic Entities on page 198 • Trim Entities Enhancements on page 206


PDM • Conditional Notifications on page 151 • Default Values Generation for New Sheets in Drawings on page 156 • Editing History Comments on page 156 • File Shortcut Menu on page 157 • Support for DXF/DWG File Format in Convert Task on page 161 • User Comments on page 163


SOLIDWORKS Plastics • Geometry-based Boundary Conditions on page 166


SOLIDWORKS Simulation • Customized Numerical Format on page 184 • Distributed Coupling for Remote Load and Mass on page 186 • Enhanced Remote Load/Mass PropertyManager on page 185 • Export to Mesh Body on page 193 • Pin Connector on page 188 • Topology Constraints on page 192


SOLIDWORKS Visualize • Automatic Data Recovery on page 209 • Denoiser on page 210 • Importing MDL Materials on page 214


I don't want to seem ungrateful.  I do appreciate any advancements and improvements, but does anybody see anything in the list above and says WOW!  THAT'S  AWESOME!!?  Sure, there's some nice stuff in there, but I don't see any game-changers.


I think that many of us who pay for this experience are waiting for some paradigm shift to happen.  We'd like to see some wow-factor for our hard-earned money.


and we'd also like to have the opportunity to ask other users if they are having stability issues as well without being attacked with this ignorant excuse of "workflow", as I was in my other post.


Let the flames begin...