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Mate links incomplete

Question asked by Barry Morris on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by Barry Morris

Is there a valid reason that all the entry fields in the mate properties window are not completed to the point that you can tie that field to a variable.

EX: you can not type "=" in the angle mate field and attach the variable there.


You must open that dimension on the screen and add the variable from this point. This is not a new issue. 

What is being done to solve these disconnects?

SolidWorks is a fairly intuitive software that has been somewhat easy to learn without any formal classes however, there needs to be continued focus on continuity between like features and methods throughout the software.  Advice: Take someone with an average IQ that is knowledgeable about similar software and give them a minimal amount of training and let them work through any software for several months and you will discover whether or not that something is truly intuitive or not. Overall this is my favorite CAD package but, shouldn't old issues be resolved before adding the latest / greatest?