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    Mate links incomplete

    Barry Morris

      Is there a valid reason that all the entry fields in the mate properties window are not completed to the point that you can tie that field to a variable.

      EX: you can not type "=" in the angle mate field and attach the variable there.


      You must open that dimension on the screen and add the variable from this point. This is not a new issue. 

      What is being done to solve these disconnects?

      SolidWorks is a fairly intuitive software that has been somewhat easy to learn without any formal classes however, there needs to be continued focus on continuity between like features and methods throughout the software.  Advice: Take someone with an average IQ that is knowledgeable about similar software and give them a minimal amount of training and let them work through any software for several months and you will discover whether or not that something is truly intuitive or not. Overall this is my favorite CAD package but, shouldn't old issues be resolved before adding the latest / greatest?

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          Glenn Schroeder

          It's only within the last few years that linking values to equations or global variables became available in any features.  Mates is one of the ones they haven't gotten to yet.  As I understand it they're working on making it available in more cases.

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              Barry Morris

              I wish I could just agree with you and make this go away but, the dimension can be changed by selecting the value field in the first image even after assigning the variable in the spot shown in the second image, and entering a new dimension that overrides the variable. In no way shape or form can this be allowed to happen. If I set a variable, the only place that a change should be allowed is under "Manage Equations". This is a way to eliminate unwarranted changes from happening by mistake. As it stands I can override the values controlled in the Equations Manager simply by selecting the mate right clicking it, select "Edit Feature" enter the new value in the entry field and boom. This overrides the variable and the change doesn't appear in the Assembly Manager Tree under the expanded "Equations" folder. These values will always reflect what the variable is set to, but the dimension value on the screen will show what you changed the dimension to and show it is linked to the variable. If you rebuild the assembly, then this will automatic revert back to the variable values set under the "Equation Manager". If you ever go too far and inadvertently forget to do a rebuild..........    When is this going to cause a $100,000 screwup in a design?


              Once a variable is used to define a dimension, it should show up in ever field that is associated with that mate, that there is a variable already assigned to that dimension. EX.