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Converting WFS sensor (@ point) into a result-specific sensor at the same point

Question asked by Matt Cullin on Oct 19, 2018

Is there a way make a specific result sensor (say stress) from a workflow sensitive sensor? My goal is to quickly define sensors without inserting sketches or reference points. It seems like there should be a way to do this as the location of the point is stored in the WFS sensor. I tried just editing the workflow sensitive sensor to change it to VM Stress. The location is there. One would think there would be an (at location) option in the drop down. I try switching to "max on selected entities", thinking that if I leave the selection blank it will just query the locations listed below, but this is not the case. I understand that I can probe the results with the WFS sensor and then export or plot them, but what I would like to do is track the value of the sensor for a particular result via Trend Tracker. Unfortunately TT only logs the results of non-WFS sensors. This makes sense because WFS sensors are not attached to a specific result (Stress, etc.)


I tried probing the result, selecting the WFS sensor, and then checking the add annotation, but that doesn't do it (even though it says "attach sensor").


I get that I can do a 3D sketch point at the X,Y,Z coords of the WFS sensor, add a reference point, and then make a new result-specific sensor at this point. That is somewhat time consuming though.


Any better ideas that don't involve macros?