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Question asked by Leon Mailfert on Oct 18, 2018

Ok, this has bothered me for some time.


I make sheet metal patterns that have lots of linear sketch patterns, and forming tools, for holes etc and rebuilds take a long time.


Solidworks uses only 1 core for processing the models, Yes i understand that most of these calculations are linear and it would be near impossible to make it use all of my available cores on my processor this way.


This is my idea, make each part, assembly drawing have its own process, so when a part is rebuilding, I can still work on another part or drawing, similar to how Chrome Browser runs its tabs as separate processes.


As a work around it is possible to run 2 copies of solidworks at the same time but the journal file is locked, apart from that it runs fine and I can continue my work.


So to the developers please look at this idea, as it would increase productivity immensely for me.