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GDI and User Objects

Question asked by Matt Juric on Oct 18, 2018

It appears this subject has been beaten to death in here and I've read a good portion of the posts on the subject. I will probably have to go to the IT department on this issue so I'm looking for the answers to a few other questions I know I will be asked.


First is there anything I should be looking at to make sure we aren't artificially running these numbers up. We have 6-7 people that are seemingly continually running into this issue. It also does not appear that we are anywhere near the limits suggested. One Discussion on the subject had the following. I'm getting warnings, errors and crashes even below the 20 file number and most people around here are getting warnings before this as well. I'm looking to get thru a single day without having to shut SW down 2 or three times or constantly going back and closing files I don't want to close.

Second are the above recommendations "Solid works approved" or simply the posters experience and suggestion? Is there a "Solid works approved" setting for these variables. I read that altering these numbers may cause instability elsewhere. Is that true, not true, to what extent?


We are running SW PDM so that may be a factor as well.


Thanks for any input,