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Movement animation along sphere

Question asked by Jeroen Vandendriessche on Oct 18, 2018

Hey all,


I'm trying to animate the motion of a scanner part along a sphere with a limited freedom of motion. I limited the motion of the scanner arm to a plane using a ring in which it can rotate. The rotation around the arm of the scanner is also possible. The scanner part should do a rotation along a circle on the sphere, then rotate a bit in the ring so as to move to a new position in the plane of the ring, do a rotation along a new circle on the sphere, and so on. I tried to animate this but i can't get the scanner in the right positions without getting a bunch of errors. I tried to use pathmates, angle mates and coincident mates between a point on the inner surface of the scanner and the sphere, but it can't make it work. Does anybody know a good way to tackle this? I uploaded the solidworks files so you can get a better picture of the problem. Thanks a lot!