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Why is my damn title block text disappearing when I click save?

Question asked by Randy Goolsby on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by Rick McDonald

After wasting over a week fighting with unstable exploded views, now the title block text edits are disappearing when I click "save". What an ingenious feature! That's what I always wanted it to do, obviously! I swear, Solidworks behaves more like a juvenile practical joke than an engineering tool. Over the last three years that I've had to use it, SW has wasted literally MONTHS of my time and directly cause me to miss more than one important deadline because of stupid shit like this. I'm beyond sick and tired of trying to figure out tricks and workarounds for this endless mess of bugs. Dassault Systemes has ruined Solidworks and cost their customers fortunes in the process. Solidworks will soon be the Netscape Navigator of 3D modeling and I can assure you no one will miss it.