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Student Version Vs SolidWorks

Discussion created by David Matula on Oct 18, 2018
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I recently was able to get a computer to be able to run SolidWorks on and I did my service to be able to get a student version of the program.  HP offered me the best price on the computer threw their Veterans discount page that I kept watching for the right sale to come while I was saving all the pennies that I could. 

        What I like about the student version is that I can play with all the stuff that I do not have at work, I am supposed to have Visualize, electrical, and a bunch of other stuff that I have not looked at yet.  It is 2018-2019 student version and I'm Still on 2017 at work.

       I found a project that I wanted to work with.  Some guy out there has done 99% of the work for me and has made 3d printable versions of all the parts that I can down load as an STL file.  When I dropped them into the student version I get an image, vs when at work I get a  imported body.  Something else about the file is that the student version I could draw a circle and the image measured about 18" dia.  The imported part at work came in much much larger than that.  so large I have decided not to even bother with it.


More to come as I start to realize the other things that may be different between the two versions.