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How can I stop components unsuppressing when outputting an IFC using the Solidworks API?

Question asked by Luke Wood on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by Gennadiy Tsybikov

I am having trouble when outputting IFCs using the SolidWorks API.


swModel = (ModelDoc2)swApp.ActiveDoc;       

            swSlcMan = (SelectionMgr)swModel.SelectionManager;

            int i = 0;

            i = swSlcMan.GetSelectedObjectCount2(0);

            swComponent = swSlcMan.GetSelectedObject6(i, 0);        

            int boolstat;

            boolstat = swModel.SaveAs3(@"C:\Desktop\IFC\TEST.ifc", 0, 0);


This Code works fine, however all other components become unsuppressed.

Is there a way to control the suppression of the components when being saved with the API?


Many Thanks