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    Toolbars hidden randomly

    Tom Gagnon

      I have some unresolved instability issues, AFAIK since attempting to resolve a 1 million + 1 assembly quite some time ago for a SWPUC. I haven't been keeping a detailed list. This is incomplete. I have not fussed over reporting it because I look forward to upgrading my team to SP5 soon anyway. Current installation reference: 2018 SP2.


      Most annoyingly this week, UI toolbars are randomly disappearing when opening a file.

      This week and last, at various times and specified context:

      - in assembly, Configuration toolbar disappeared.

      - in drawing, Dimension toolbar disappeared.

      - in drawing, Selection Filter toolbar disappeared.

      - in drawing, Layer toolbar disappeared.

      - in part, Selection Filter toolbar disappeared.

      - in drawing, only the Pan tool I had added to my heads-up toolbar disappeared from the heads-up toolbar.

      Bringing the toolbars back is very easy. That's not the point. I chose, set, and locked them, but they randomly go away.