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A"double-click" problem (after removing RobotWorks)

Question asked by Nikolay Bratovanov on Oct 17, 2018



I would like to share a negative experience that I had with the RobotWorks software (a robotic simulation add-on to SolidWorks: RobotWorks - Robotic interface for SolidWorks). Recently I installed the demo version of the program for PhD research purposes. After the work was done I removed the software which negatively affected the SolidWorks performance on my work PC. The issue is related to inability to open any SolidWorks documents (Drawings, Parts, Assemblies) by double-clicking, which happened right after RobotWorks was uninstalled from the computer. I tried solving the problem in multiple ways but with no success.


Are you familiar with that issue and could you give me some advice on solving it? Thank you in advance!



N. Bratovanov