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    PDM Search question

    John Wayman

      I am having trouble defining a search in PDM Standard. I know what I want to achieve, but I can't figure out how.

      I have our project data arranged in a standard folder structure: Root folder/Customer/Project, then the list shown:



      Each time a drawing goes through the Released transition, a PDF copy is automatically created and placed into the 5 PDF folder. The format of the PDF filename includes the Revision of the drawing, e.g. 123456_A-00.PDF.


      I now want to have our procurement team use Viewer licences to find and extract copies of the appropriate PDF files from the vault, so that they can purchase them without the design team getting involved.


      I have a couple of issues:


      • How do I construct a search to find all the PDF files that are not the latest revision? I want to move them to an archive folder, so that the Procurement team sees only the latest Revision.
      • How do I limit the Procurement team's access to only those folders called 5 PDF? I don't want them browsing around the whole vault.


      This is PDM Standard, so it can't do lots of the stuff that is easy for PDM Professional.



      SW2018 SP4/PDM Standard 2018 SP4

      Windows 10 Pro



        • Re: PDM Search question
          John Wayman


          I came up with a work-around that may help others who find themselves in a similar situation in the future:


          I changed the folder where I store PDF files to be directly under the root folder. Then I was able to restrict the access of the Procurement group to just that folder. To be accurate, I did the same with STP, DXF and STL files, too, and restricted Procurement to see only those 4 folders.

          It works, but it does seem like a work-around, so I would still be interested to know how I could achieve my original aim.