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Terminal Strip Drawing - Bottom Orientation

Question asked by Nathan Usher on Oct 15, 2018

Hello All,


I have been trying to create a Horizontal Terminal Strip drawing in my schematics that would start it's terminal mark numbering from the top - down then left - right. But as of right now, the drawing always shows Circuit 0, Connection 0 at the bottom of the terminal, then Connection 1 at the top. Which has been confusing to our production team as the Terminal Strip Drawings I make through Excel are always top down.


At first I thought maybe it would just be a matter of switching the connection points in the actual terminal symbol, which is what Hawkridge Tech Support also suggested was the way to fix it, but for some reason on my end, the only thing this does is rotate the attribute 180 degrees in place. I know that sounds odd so please see the attached photos for reference:


Here is the symbol in it's original configuration:

Terminal Strip Drawing 1.PNG

Which was yielding this result:

Terminal Strip Drawing 2.PNG

So when I swapped the circuit connection points on the symbol like so:

Terminal Strip Drawing 3.PNG

This was the result, which still has terminal 1/A on the bottom when I want it to be on the top. and 2/B on the bottom:

Terminal Strip Drawing 4.PNG



This particular project is also not the only project to experience this, all of them seem to have the same effect and what previous employees have done to combat this bug is setup the manufacturer part with the second terminal mark as the first connection point. If anybody could help with any advice it would be greatly appreciated.