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    macro to read balloon content in Drawing and change the note

    Peter Pankras



      I would like to create a macro that changes the Note in a balloon based on some sort of rule.


      My knowledge of VBA is very limited, and I would like to learn more based on this example.


      Here's the case.


      In a Drawing I have an X number of balloons.

      The Balloons are placed automaticly and numbered from 1 to n


      I need a script that does something like


      For the active drawing

           lookup the first balloon you find

           read the note in that balloon

           change that note by comparing it to maybe an array

           next balloon


      We need Letters in the balloons, so i want to replace 1 with A, 2 with B etc.

      My idea was to create an array for this


      something like


      Dim Bchar(1 To n) As String


      Bchar(1) = 'A'

      Bchar(2) = 'B'



      I found a script that walks through all Dimensions in a drawing.

      How can I do the same but with balloons and then read the note and change it.



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          Nilesh Patel

          What do you do when you have more than 26 balloons in the drawing?

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            Peter Pankras

            based on The base code from Niels It should be something like


            'open a drawing with balloons

            'Macro to change all balloons to custom property: SAPMaterial


            Dim swApp As Object

            Dim Drw As Object

            Dim View As Object

            Dim Note As Object

            Dim Bool As Boolean

            'Dim swAnnotation As Annotation

            'Dim BaloonType As Integer


            Sub main()


            Set swApp = Application.SldWorks

            Set Drw = swApp.ActiveDoc

            If Not Drw Is Nothing Then

               If Drw.GetType = 3 Then            'Activedoc = Drawing?

                  Set View = Drw.GetFirstView     '= drawing sheet

                  Set View = View.GetNextView     '= first real view


                  While Not View Is Nothing       'loop through views

                     Set Note = View.GetFirstNote


                     While Not Note Is Nothing    'loop through notes

                        If Note.IsBomBalloon Then

            '               swAnnotation = Note.GetAnnotation


            '               Get the Annotation in the Balloon


            '               Do some kind of change the Number to a Letter based on our custom array voodoo


                        End If

                        Set Note = Note.GetNext


                     Set View = View.GetNextView


               End If

            End If


            End Sub


            Since it's all kins of new to me..  Where can I find a good overview of all the calls I can make in a macro?


            For example..  look at the above Code...  you do a swAnnotation = Note.GetAnnotation

            so now you have the Annotation in the balloon..


            Where can I find how I can set the new annotaion in a balloon.


            Sorry if this is a basic question..  but I'm having a Hard time finding the right calls.


            Is there good API reference somewhere that can give me all I can do with a Balloon in Solidworks,

            I'm having difficult time finding any type of reference about it in the online Help