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macro to read balloon content in Drawing and change the note

Question asked by Peter Pankras on Oct 16, 2018
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I would like to create a macro that changes the Note in a balloon based on some sort of rule.


My knowledge of VBA is very limited, and I would like to learn more based on this example.


Here's the case.


In a Drawing I have an X number of balloons.

The Balloons are placed automaticly and numbered from 1 to n


I need a script that does something like


For the active drawing

     lookup the first balloon you find

     read the note in that balloon

     change that note by comparing it to maybe an array

     next balloon


We need Letters in the balloons, so i want to replace 1 with A, 2 with B etc.

My idea was to create an array for this


something like


Dim Bchar(1 To n) As String


Bchar(1) = 'A'

Bchar(2) = 'B'



I found a script that walks through all Dimensions in a drawing.

How can I do the same but with balloons and then read the note and change it.