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Modelling a viscoelastic material - stress relaxation data question

Question asked by Eric Christison on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by Mohamed El Orche


I'm trying to model a viscoelastic material. A convenient way of doing this seems to be to input a relaxation curve and let SW calculate the various constants. So, as I understand it I should input a curve of relaxation modulus vs. time as shown below:

The rest of the material inputs look like this:


On reflection though, I'm not sure about some things.

The graph I pasted is for room temperature however SW doesn't ask for temperature. Does it make an assumption that the graph for data at a certain temperature?

I assume that I only have to provide a graph of either shear or bulk relaxation as the two should be related, is that right?

Have I completely misunderstood what I should be inputting?