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    Is my gravity load simulaion right?

    Sam Zhang

      Hi everyone,


      I am working on a deformation simulation of GRP Pipe.

      • Deformation of gravity only
      • Deformation of gravity and full of water


      I found there is almost no difference between the deformation of both. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my simulation please? Thanks in advance.


      Please refer to attached parts file.



      Gravity Only Snipaste_2018-10-15_14-24-14.png


      Water Snipaste_2018-10-15_14-25-27.png

        • Re: Is my gravity load simulaion right?
          Sam Zhang

          OK I just realized that there is a thing called "deformed shape",  when I set scale factor to "True scale", it will show real deformation caused by the pressure load I added to it.   

          but "true scale" deformation is too tiny to observe, normally we should set a suitble factor to show the deformation clearer.


          but I got another question.

          for the 2 cases,  if I want to compare the results, show I set same scale factor to both?