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How do i link parameters between different parts without using text files.

Question asked by Jacob Mikkelsen on Oct 14, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by Jacob Mikkelsen

I'm having trouble linking parameters directly between parts in such a way, that i can edit one part and the part related to that part will adapt to that change. I know its possible to create a text file and link the values within the text file to the parts and that way dimension the parts via the text file.
But for my purpose, it can be hard to name every value and remember what it does, when looking at a spreadsheet. So to keep it more manageable, i'd like to create a sketch and link its dimensions directly to another part. That way i can easily visualize what dimensions i might change, when editing a sketch instead of a spreadsheet.
In short, how can i dimension part A via part B, so that part A will adapt automaticly when changing part B


Thanks in advance!