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    How to insert 1/8" NPT Threads

    Lance Lauer

      Just trying to learn all this for my Startup. Can't figure out how to insert 1/8" NPT threads in the end of this fitting. Need them about .625 deep. Is anyone willing to help with this?


      Thanks, Lance

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          Dennis Dohogne


          First question is WHY do you need to model the threads?  Threads are best left to a simplified representation and the appropriate note describing them, both of which SWX does nicely.  The only reasons to model threads are for a visual representation for some marketing graphic or to have threads in a 3D-printed part.  SWX warns the threads in its Thread Feature are not to be relied upon to be accurate enough for functional threads, which makes them only suitable for a marketing graphic.


          I made a couple of changes to your model.

          1. Set the 1/8-27 thread to Blind and then specified the depth.  It had been set to through all.  This addresses your request for the .625" depth.

          2. Added a chamfer to the shaft prior to the external thread.  This is just good practice.

          3. Modified your thread to remove the 1 degree offset (what was that for?) and to add a distance offset so it would have a clean runout at the chamfer.

          4. Added a very simple blind extrude cut to affect a crude representation of a runout for the thread at its end near the head.  This is not how a thread would really runout, but if you need this for a visual only then this is just fine and it is very easy.


          The SWX thread feature can do internal threads, but only machine threads, not pipe threads.  IF you really must have a physical thread then you'll have to look up the details on this thread and create a helical feature with the correct profile.