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When saving in pdf

Question asked by Chris Radis on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2018 by Chris Radis

Hello everyone, first post for me.


I have solidworks that is part of my Bysoft 7 software. It's not actually called Solidworks but Designer.Whether there's a difference I don't know, it looks the same.

I was asked yesterday to submit a PDF file to a customer for a part for approval which was no big deal. But after saving the file to my desktop I gave it a quick review to discover that not all the drawing is in the file. It seems that only part of it saved to the file. Only the bits that land in the yellow rectangle have been saved. Pics attached.


Is there any way of increasing the size of that rectangle shown in the designer photo ???. To allow for all of the drawing to be shown.

All I did to sort this out for now was resize the drawing to fit within the yellow box but would rather not have to do that everytime.