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    How to create custom symbols to add to drawings

    Sergio Monti

      Hi Shaodun Lin, I would like to quick add the suffix "TYP", "MIN", "MAX" to my dimension. In order to achieve that I modified the gtol.sym file as follows:


      ;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


      ;; Custom GudelUK symbols


      #Cust-GUK,Custom GUK Symbols


      A,TEXT 0,0,<TYP>


      A,TEXT 0,0,<MAX>

      *MIN, Minimum

      A,TEXT 0,0,<MIN>

      I can see the new "library" on the list but the three new symbols are empty. What am I doing wrong?

      If I manage to put it right, is it possible to add the symbol to the bottom of "Dimension Text" window, next to the "More" button?