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Question asked by Jose Sánchez on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by Shawn Stugard

Hello Solidworks Community,


I am looking to upgrade from a laptop to a desktop. I am currently running solidworks 2018 on a dell precision m3800. We do sheet metal fabrication so most of our solidworks models are sheet metal assemblies. The M3800 works great with simple assemblies but when we get into complex stuff. I do notice that it slows down a bit. In our assemblies we also would like to put in expanded metal or screen patterns (a bunch of holes). My solidworks will crash when I put a screen or expanded metal section in my assembly. So, basically it doesn't do well with complex patterns. I have a budget of about $3,000. I am looking for recommendations as to any out of the box desktop systems that you guys have had good experiences with. I have done some research and found a few options. If anyone has any input on the options I list or has any better recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it.


1. Puget Systems - Obsidian

2. Titan W161

3. Boxx Apexx e2

4. Dell XPS 8930


Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for any input provided