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Reverse Path doesn't work for suppressed mates

Question asked by Dwight Livingston on Oct 12, 2018
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Short version:

I plan to put in an enhancement request for Reverse Path so it works for suppressing/unsuppressing mates, but I'm only on SW2016. Can someone with SW2018 check if this has been fixed already?



Most of the few motion studies I do go out and back, often with one part assigned a series of different tangent mates as it gets pushed this way and that, like a cam but more 3D. I manually unsuppress and suppress the mates as needed, by eye. This works fine.


To do the process in reverse, I copy and paste all the time points, then flip them with the "reverse path" option. All the time-points flip nicely. All the changes to the distance mates flip nicely and run in reverse. However, the mate suppressions do not flip. It should work that each unsuppress becomes a suppress, and each suppress becomes an unsuppress. I have to go through and fix it manually.


Can someone with SW2018 check this?