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tube color options and how to make a fitting prompt to select?

Question asked by Greg Marz on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by Greg Marz

I have the same tube but it has 4 different color option depending on what the does.

Red for hot water . blue for cold water , green for oil in and black for oil out.


My problem is they all use the same type of fitting. How do I make routing prompt me

for what tube color to use? The route starts as a fab. pipe route and then gets a nipple

put on the end of the pipe. I then drag and drop the tube fitting onto the nipple. Solidworks

adds the fitting and adds the tube on the end of the fitting but I have no way to pick

what color tube to use. All this is done in the same route sub assembly. I do not

want 2 sub assemblies for the same cooling line I am trying to run.


Any tips on what the tube fitting should be? flange , end cap, etc?

I have it as a flange right now.


Please help