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Macro for that?

Question asked by Karli Kasin on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by Karli Kasin

Hi, i`m new in forum, so first of all my apologizes if my post is not correct.


Little background before i dive in to my question. Every time when i get new order i get bunch of dimensions of a part in excel( shown picture1 ), then i build the part in sw,  from which i have to do a dxf  for punching machine. Up until now i have done it all manually but last orders have been so massive( hundreds of different dimensions) that it takes too long to do them manually. So here`s the question: is there a macro that takes dimension A and dimension B from my excel table(picture1) and puts it to sw Equations place(picture2)  where is A and B, rebuilds the part, exports to a dxf( just border lines) with name the dimensions i have(like in this example picture, 600x2100).


Hope you understand what i wrote here, and get the answer soon.