Thomas Kurtmann

Problems with importing a file into another

Discussion created by Thomas Kurtmann on Oct 11, 2018

Dear all,


I just want to share a short story to all Composer user:


The Goal:

The Project was to create an animation that is based on another animation. Only a few steps would change, so it would make sense to use the existing animation and integrate the new animation into it.


What I did:

So I created a new animation based on the existing one. I deactivated all components (in the properties window) from the existing animation, and imported the new parts and animated them.


Everything worked fine, until today. After importing another file the animation steps from the Basic animation was active again although the parts have been deactivated. The result is, that I do have a mish mash of both, the old and the new animations simultaneously. I do not have any clue how this could happen.


What I should have done:

I should have deleted the parts and/or the keys that are no longer needed so that only the final parts and keys remain.


What I do now:

To save the time with checking the complete animation (which has a total lenght og 25 minutes) I decided to resave the file from yesterday and repeat the lost work from today.


Why am I writing this?

I want to share my experience with you, so that you are sensibilised for your future projects and do not the same mistakes than me.



Always save your file before importing another file into it.

Better: Make a backup every day. In case of any problems you have to repeat your work of only one day instead of beginning completely new.


Hope this helps.