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Hyperlink within Word to PDM File not working unless you do get latest

Question asked by Gary Hamm on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2020 by Gary Hamm

So I created a word file, (Parts catalog) I have a list of part numbers and descriptions.

I highlighted the part number created a hyperlink to the released pdf within the Vault.

Did the same with the Model, to the Solidworks Model within the Vault.

The intent here is you click on the part number it opens the released pdf we have in the Vault. or you can click on the "Model" it launches Solidworks and now you can view the model.


Issue is if you do not have the file in Cache it will not open the link. so you physically have to go to the file get latest than the Hyper link will work.

Anyone know of a work around, We are already set with work with latest version. I am being told by my VAR that if the file is not in cache Word ignores the command.

It is not possible for us to cache our whole vault.