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Creating multiple FLEX commands on one piece

Question asked by Arthur Baranovskiy on Oct 10, 2018

Hello all,


I need to animate the folding of a sheet of material. It starts out as a long rectangle, then one side folds in along a line, then the other side repeats the fold, but in the opposite direction, and so on. To animate the fold, I made an equation to connect the "Flex angle" of each fold to the distance between 2 blocks. In the animation, I move one cube 180 mm, and this closes the fold. So far, I've been able to do this 3 times. See images 1, 2, and 3.


However, after the third flex has been "closed" there appear to be some rendering issues. The material seems to turn 2D, it distorts in several places, and there (Images 4 and 5). Even if I dont do an animation, it seems like there are only 3 folds I can do to one piece before it begins distorting like this. Is it a computer graphics issue? Flex property? I need to do this folding at least several more times....


Is there a more intelligent way to do this kind of folding animation? I'm willing to learn another folding/animating technique if it means not using Flex.


Thank you