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    Workflow for sheetmetal weldment shell mesh creation?

      Hello, I'm new to SW Simulation 2009 and would like some direction on the best approach to meshing a sheetmetal weldment with 50 components. We have brought in the solids (and midsurfaces) for the weldment from another CAD system - now what is the best method for welding the components together with SW 2009? Use bonded connections in Simulation? Or are there surfacing tools in SW to create a single part type surface, with no gaps - so the mesh appears fully connected on initial creation? I don't have any surfacing SW experience but would like to learn if this is a good way to go. We will be doing many more sheetmetal weldments like this in the future.

      Any input would be much appreciated. I've been trying to use the bond connections in simulation but the gaps can be a bit large, and I don't see a way to do butt welds as it only allows face to edge bonded connections, not edge to edge.

        • Workflow for sheetmetal weldment shell mesh creation?
          Hi Bruce,

          My suggestion would be to suppress or delete the solids and use the mid surfaces. Make the surfaces intersect/connect with no gaps by either adding surface bodies or using the "extend surface" command, or recreating certain components. After meshing, you can tell if surfaces are intersecting properly by showing the mesh, zooming in, and checking for shared nodes along the edges that you want to intersect. Typically surfaces don't connect on their own unless they share an edge, so you have to manually add split lines in the model to get them to intersect. Trimming one surface body with another also works. I prefer this method to using contacts as contacts take longer to analyze and are more difficult to visualize. However, depending on how many iterations you are expecting it may be quicker to use contacts.

          Hope this helps,