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CSWP Practice Exam Question 4

Question asked by Josh Barnett on Oct 10, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by Kevin Chandler

Hello all,


Practicing for the CSWP today, I've had quite a few issues with the software today (Two conflicting versions of SW on one machine, different issue)


Ok well my issue is, I have completed the practice exam up to question 4 with the correct answers, I think I have everything covered.


But when I go to get the mass properties, I am underweight by EXACTLY 35 GRAMS.


I can't find the error for the life of me, and am wore out running around trying to fix the software issue today.


I had the correct answer for question 3 within 0.01 grams, so I must have skipped a vital step.


Please take a look and let me know what I missed. TIA!