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Insert Distance Mate as Model Item

Question asked by Rob Edwards on Oct 10, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by Richard Earley

Hi Guys


I'm not able to insert a distance mate as a model item


From the help file it explicitly states that this is possible.


2016 SOLIDWORKS Help - Model Items PropertyManager


My Mate Dimension is marked for drawing but no joy...


Selected Feature Doesn't work...  Entire Model no better  .. All the sketch dims come in just fine

Messing about explicitly choosing 'Only Assembly' option I managed to get this popup

[edit..  the pictures disappeared from my post and I can't recreate the pop up..  but it said distance1 is not parallel to view]


The distance mate is between the Right Planes of these two assemblies, and I have a front view...  surely this is correct?


So I tried inserting into a Top View and get this


Is this a bug?  or am I just looking at it funny?

#Glad It's 5 O'Clock



2016 attached


Message was edited by: Rob Edwards None of my screen snips came in.. edited to add [most of] them back