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Copying / Pasting Keyframes from one Part to Another in Visualize 2018 or 2019

Question asked by Jay Whaley on Oct 9, 2018

In Visualize 2018 or 2019, Is there a way to copy and paste a set of keyframes from one object to another?  In other words, if i have 4 of the exact same parts in different positions and I want to be able to keyframe them similarly, am i able to copy/paste a set of keyframes from one part and move them to the other part?  I used to animate with Apple Motion 5, and every object would start out at Transform coordinates of 0x/0y/0z, so copying/pasting of keyframes from one object to another to mimic a given animation would be very simple in the timeline.  Any assistance would be greatly helpful on this, as keyframing thousands of parts one by one seems tedious without some copy/pasting of timelined keyframes available for similar parts.


Here's an example of where i had to manually make the keyframes for several different parts, rather than just duplicating from one part to the other, or copying/pasting from one part to the other.1.PNG