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Library Feature Orientation Help

Question asked by Andrew Overhage on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2018 by Andrew Overhage

I am making a lot of parts that are going to interface with v-slot rail and I want to make a library feature that will allow me to create these 2 ridges from a starting plane, an edge, and an ending plane. These mate with the v slot. I have made the library feature, but it only works in one orientation. If I am trying to say make the groves inside a square cutout, one side will work and the other will error because it is backwards and trying to create the feature inside the solid (The groves add on to the outside of the existing solid). The picture is of what I want to be able to do with one library feature (I made that one with two separate library features one facing each direction).



The question that I am trying to answer is how do I make it so I can control the direction the groves go out from the surface. This shows the problem with trying to put this feature on the "top" here. The feature that I want is a mirror of what is shown below. (adding the feature from the other side (bottom in this view) doesn't help unfortunate)


I have attached both files here. The dual slide is what both the library features were made from (one from each of the extrusions one on each side). The rail through test file is the part I am trying to put it into as a test. I also included one of the library features (not sure if others can open these or not).


I appreciate any advice!