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BOM equation using linked text?

Question asked by Wayne Barrett on Oct 9, 2018

I have a need to reference a linked text value in a BOM equation.

I have a text field in a drawing linked to a part/assembly custom property.  The property is a number "totalqty", but could just as easily be "Description" or "SW-File Name".

So the text field reads $PRPSHEET:"totalqty" and it populates as soon as I create a drawing based on a part.  It lets a manufacturer know how many of these parts or sub assemblies are needed in total for a machine.

In my BOM I have "Item", "QTY", "Part Number", etc.  What I want to accomplish is to call out the total number of BOM parts needed.  A saw man may be cutting out parts and have to multiply the "QTY" with the text field in the title block showing the total quantity.  If he makes a mistake, he simply says that the drawing doesn't tell him how many individual pieces to cut.


So I want my BOM to read "Item", "QTY", "Total QTY", etc.  I have tried writing an equation with ($PRPSHEET:"totalqty" * 'QTY'), but it does not work.  Just entering $PRPSHEET:"totalqty" evaluates to "=1" in the BOM.  In that case there is only 1 sub assembly.  But that value cannot be used in an equation.  I would like to figure this out, but I have hit a wall.  I tried to link that text field in the drawing custom property, but that seemed impossible.


Any suggestions?


Additioal background:

I actually use the AutoQTY macro that is posted here in various iterations.  So I do actually have a "total QTY" column in my BOM, but (BUT) it only shows the total quantity in the highest level assembly.  That's a problem because, for example, I may have a shaft/sprocket assembly that would be used in multiple sub assemblies.  There may be 15 in total, but not 15 in every sub assembly it shows up in.  So there may be 2 here, 2 there, 3 in another sub.  Each sub may have multiples of itself made, but the "totalQTY" column always reads 15.  Because there are 15 in total.  But what I want is that same column to show how many there are in THAT particular sub assembly drawing.  So qty of 2 and there are 3 of these subs, should equal 6.  Having 15 causes some undue confusion in manufacturing.