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    add in to write to a variable

    Den Bono

      I need to be able to apply a temporary watermark to our solidworks drawings during print time. We created a custom property in the title block named watermarktext that links to the watermarktext variable in epdm. Is there any way that I can write to a variable during print time with the print add-in?




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          Kamil Wilkosz

          Go to Customer Portal Knowledge Base and find solution: S-063597 - there is described how to do that.

          Note that in this example the "current state" is set as watermark but if you change script in the point 10 and set:


          pName = "Watermark"

          pValue = "ValueWhichYouWantToSee"




          pName = "Watermark"

          pValue = CurrentState


          that's it will work as you excepted.


          The PDF with instruction you can download here: Download File