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surface properties of a surface model

Question asked by Eric Thaler on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by Paul Salvador

Some of my automotive parts have tight radius-es. In this case SolidWorks fails very often to thicken parts. To prevent this the thickening has to be done prior to applying tight radius-es, but I have never time to play these time consuming strategies. Sometimes SW is able to do 1 mm thickness. So I could just multiply the surface (metric is required here) x 3  for 3 mm or x 4 for 4 mm thickness. Selecting with a window just selects the edges. Selecting all individual surfaces manually and clicking on measure works, but takes too much time. To create a box on the back of the part, from all part edges to create a solid works fine. I just subtract all box surfaces from the total surface are. Great, but who has so much time???


SolidWorks programmers please:

1. make the thicken function work no matter how complex the part is, because you claim to be the best besides Catia in the automotive industry, you should be able to

2. create the function surface properties and eventually include a thickness input box, where the desired thickness can be entered and calculate the volume as described above by multiplying the surface (metric is required here) x 3  for 3 mm or x 4 for 4 mm thickness, to get the volume. Multiply this by specific weight. Done!


Please respond only with helpful information!


Thanks, Eric