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Taking a huge leap with CGI??

Question asked by Corey Wallace on Mar 9, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2009 by Corey Wallace
I have demo'd several technical animating programs geared towards industry/manufacturing. The program I found to be most user friendly so far is Right Hemisphere's Deep Exploration. One thing that seems to be lacking in all of these programs though is the ability to apply "organic" movement to parts. I want to be able to bend, twist, and drape thin plastic or cloth like materials over other components in an animation scene. For example I want to be able to show the backing of a sticker being peeled off like a banana. Does this mean I have to explore CGI type software like AutoDesk Maya? Is there no software geared towards manufacturing that will allow me to manipulate my parts and assemblies in this fashion? Has anyone used software like this? What is the learning curve?

***Please note: I'm not talking about creating a bar that wraps around a bar like in the Mike J. Wilson video...I'm talking about very organic movements like a flag flopping in the breeze (realistically).