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    Representational information in STEP242?

    Mark Van Hurne

      Dear All,


      Does anybody know if SW2019-MDB (or even SW2018) supports the import/export of representational information (k-factor, BD, bendlines, etc.) in STEP242 files?


      Some background info:

      We are looking at offline programming for Press Brakes. The Press Brake-software generates it's own flatpattern, which may differ from the SW flatpattern because of tooling used.

      So we want to import the flatpattern into SW and then make drawings and generate DXF's.


      Thanks in advance

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          Alessandro TORNINCASA

          Hi Mark,

          and welcome to the SOLIDWORKS forums.

          SOLIDWORKS MBD 2019 has added support for sheetmetal:

          Empower the Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) with SOLIDWORKS MBD 2019

          I tried exporting to STP 242 and it retained bend lines, table, and annotations. You'll have to test and check whether your press brake programming software can read that information.


          I'm not 100% sure your process could become a drawingless process where the SOLIDWORKS 3D design is the master and the only source of truth. I fear there might be some disconnection between your 3D design and what it's going to be used in production.


          Supposing the press brake unfold process comes up with a flat pattern that is different from SOLIDWORKS flat pattern:

          - would the folded part stay the same (same dimensions and shape - including corner reliefs) ?

          - can the 3D file generated by press brake programming software be used for laser cut and punching or can it only use DXF ?


          Thank you.