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Can a virtual part inherit custom property value from assembly it belongs to?

Question asked by Tom Gagnon on Oct 8, 2018

From an earlier discussion which discusses the opposite, properties from part to assembly: Link properties from part to assembly , I do not think this is necessarily possible without a macro. I'll ask it anyway.


I'd like to put a custom property reference inside a part template so that when it is created within an assembly, it automatically inherits a custom property (or several) from the Assembly to which it belongs. Is there a code to include in the part template so that it does this? I mean, I already entered it once. Clearly if the target property isn't present, it may return an error or nothing.


I'm kinda brainstorming how to improve my workflow, whereas I'd like to specify project name, project number, system letter, system tag #, and/or default wetted and structural materials in an assembly, and have those perpetuate into the virtual Pipe/Tube Part Templates and Weldment Part Templates when they are created via Insert > Component > New Part... .

To access these values in a drawing, I have to make a drawing of an assembly configuration containing only that part. I'd rather save the part externally after creating it as virtual initially, then make a drawing of that part if that's all I want to show. Currently I just copy & paste what I want where I want it, but that doesn't update from the source if changed.


Even better, if I could control handfuls of components' materials via one or two values in the assembly, that would help me a ton. This functionality is roughly similar to changing a Routing Specification, but I'm thinking of applying this more broadly.