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Factor of Safety Questions

Question asked by Austin Gurney on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by Jim Riddell

Hey everyone this is my first post. I'm taking a class in SW and we're working on factor of safety simulations and I have a couple questions.  I've done quite a bit of googling that didn't clarify much for me. My questions are....


  1. Is there a way to import simulation information like factor of safety into a drawing and an e-drawing? (other than just making a text box?) I did figure out how to make an e-drawing that contains the factor of safety simulation of the part, but what if I wanted to display this on a drawing file?
  2. Is factor of safety a clear and concrete number value like an average? Or is is variable along the entire part? I'm having trouble understanding how to read the info once a study is done.


Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.