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    Weldment cut list vs. BOM

    Daniel Melendez

      Hi all, I noticed that now you can use a BOM table or a weldment cutlist, whichever you choose. In the past I remember weldments only worked with a weldment cutlist. Now we have the two options to choose from.


      Which is better and why when using a weldment model. Doesn't this obsolete the welding cutlist?


      The place I'm at we're using the BOM for our weldments, is this ok for the long run?


      Maybe I'm wrong or just confused. Last I use the weldment cutlist it had far more limitations than a simple BOM.


      Will you help me understand this better. Sorry if this is a repeat thread.


      Thank you.



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          Deepak Gupta

          I use BOM where I have general components in the assembly and use cut list (sorry it's not getting obsolete) for weldment components only. I use detailed cut list when I've mix of components in the assembly and want to list out weldment components as they do in cut list or related details.


          For e.g. if you want to list each body from  weldment part as child or individual component along with other standard/commonly used plates, then BOM with cut list works great.

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            Swapnil Dhake

            Hi Daniel,

            In addition to what Deepak mentioned correctly, I guess depending on details you need to show on drawings can define which way you should go when you have both options available (i.e, when making a drawing from weldment part)

            We use different fields (details) in weldment cutlist and BOM.

            In BOM we have part numbers, description, material, qty and drawing availability (yes/no)

            In cutlist we show raw material numbers, description (along with size, e.g., Square tube 50x50x3.2), length, width (in case of sheets/plates), material and quantity.

            Most of the fields in weldment cutlist are linked with weldment profiles, so these are more controlled (like description, raw material numbers, size, material) as they are populated automatically whereas in case of BOM, users are responsible for some values (description, material) and PLM system for few others (numbers).